Imaging Concept at a Glance

Imaging Concept is an evolving company that has been delivering innovative interactive solutions for clients since 1995. Our approach and methodologies are rooted in the learning gained from delivering successful projects over this time.
Imaging Concept combines marketing, business, technical and creative expertise with an understanding of human behavior to design interfaces, journeys and interactions that ensure the best experiences for people across all interactive channels.

From innovative and interactive CD-ROM work in the early nineties to cutting-edge digital and data solutions 17 years later, Imaging Concept has always focused on developing solutions that give clients a genuine competitive advantage.
Over this time we have constantly evolved as a company to meet the needs of our clients whilst ensuring that projects run on time and on budget.

Team and Infrastructure

Imaging Concept's management team guide the vision and direction of the company, ensuring that the staff and clients alike are inspired by the work we do and the ways in which we do it.
Imaging Concept operates a practice-based structure across four key competence areas - Project management, business consulting, technical and creative expertise.
Each practice has its own manager who is responsible for ensuring that our high standards of quality, innovation and service are never compromised.


Imaging Concept has till date created and is maintaining 100's of globally oriented sites and portals for itself and its prestigious clients. Many more are on the threshold of being launched. We believe in doing all the right things, before they are acknowledged as being so.
Imaging Concept utilizes technology developed entirely in-house. Our Company is an innovative one promoting and nurturing creative ideas and converting them into profitable businesses.

Started in 1995, Imaging Concept is a team of young professionals, some of whom are among the industry's most talented programmers & designers. We have all the creative and technical talent & resources in-house to meet & exceed your expectations. Add to this our thorough project management and it's no surprise that our clients keep coming back for more. We were the pioneers in bringing the raw power of Multimedia technology to people with an interactive Touch Screen based kiosk. Riding the wave of the Internet revolution, we have developed web-based applications from the simplest presence on the web to the most complex dynamic sites.

Our Partners