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What is a web template?

 A Web Template is a ready-made website that will allow you to create high-quality websites in a fraction of the time.

Why web templates make sense in web design:

  • - Speed
  • - Cost


Speed - Web templates speed up web design

 The most time consuming part of the process (of web design) is during the initial design phase where the client and web designer go back and forth trying to come up with the look the client wants. This increases cost more than you would like to think …

A web template turns a complex process into something simple:

  1. - The client selects the style they want from a collection of web templates.
  2. - Once the client makes their choice, our web designer team can easily customize the template to the client’s needs.


Cost - Web templates drastically reduce cost

Using templates allows you to purchase a world-class website without having to pay the high dollar cost that is usually associate with that level of design.

Since anyone reasonably comfortable with web design can edit and modify a web template, there is no reason to have to pay thousands of dollars on a world-class designer.


Our Perspective

After 15 years of experience, I've come to realize that simple web design should be about building from a template. With a template selected, all the web designer needs to do is make the final changes to give the website its own unique look.

After all, every other established industry does exactly that and for good reason - it's about time that the web design community caught up.

Now a professional web designer or a consumer can go to a template shop and pick out the style they want, and have a quality website online quickly for a fraction of the cost.


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